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"You do not learn to walk, following the rules. You learn by doing, and falling "

 Sir Richard Branson 

I combine points and create new routes

Curious and hungry traveler, with an unbridled passion for Jule Verne, cinema, manga, savory pies and Ireland.

Born like designer, I developed skills in communication, marketing and innovation.

I embark on a new journey called Gnammo, which has become the Italian reference portal for "social eating". the AIRBNB of food.

Over the past 15 years, I have developed a strong know-how related to the world of food e tourism, new communication tools, I have participated as a speaker and lecturer in many industry events.

I worked in China, Oman, Portugal, Ireland, Bosnia, England, France and Italy and the glue of the journey has always been the discovery.

That desire for discovery that pushed me to explore new paths in the food world and new tools for aggregation and communication.

I am convinced that we are living a crazy moment in our history, a moment in which each of us can write a piece of this story, I took my pen;

more peoples are ready for write a better story, more we change in better.


I have collaborated with my projects, with important national and international brands such as: Barilla, Coop, Altroconsumo, Emergency, Venpa, Lago Design, Ferrarelle, Poretti, Argotec, Meetic, Trenitalia, Monini, Edit, Zodio and many others, applying the dynamics of sharing economy and the co creation of contents to the development of the Branding dynamics.


The ability of the Brands to acknowledge the change taking place is a fundamental part of the company's growth, but above all of the communities that support the growth of companies by recognizing their values and their ideas.

To do this we need to act in two directions, from the inside with continuous training to keep the doors of the business open to innovation and external, intertwining the needs and building trust towards the brand, with concrete actions, starting from the analysis for then put in place communication and marketing actions suited to the positioning that you want to build on the market.

The latest book by Rachel Bostaman (guru of the sharing economy) entitled:

"Who can you trust" analyzes the importance of building trust.

Whom can I trust? And 'the question that you do and you will do more' your customers, more and more 'careful in choosing what represents them, who we are and what we want to communicate,' cause in a world that feels more and more 'alienated by new technologies people have to let people know that their choices are, knowingly, useful for building a better and human future.


This is why companies need not only worry about turnover, but the new theme is the ability to positively impact the future, the future and trust are the new currency to build our markets and consolidate our reputation. .


We talk about it?

Premi e riconoscimenti
  • 2007 The Heights fo Design,  premio internazionale di Design

  • 2015 Audi – inserito nell’innovative thinking Audi

  • 2015 – IASSP – Inserito nel libro sulla finanza critica con un testo sull’impatto della sharing economy

  • 2106 - Wired – inserito tra i migliori cento innovatori Italiani


​Dal 2012 a oggi ho svolto docenze presso il Gambero Rosso e lo IULM, per i corsi di Giornalismo enogastronomico e Master in Food and Wine communication.

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